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I thank you for making it in here to claim this FREE offer. Actually, My real aim of giving this out is to empower Nigerians and show them how to become financially free, create wealth and take their businesses to the next level. For those who are already into internet marketing, but are struggling to succeed in business, this is also for them.


What Is Internet Marketing ?

Before I explain what internet marketing is, I want you to clearly know that every business either offline or online that has ever existed in this world and the ones that exists now all have one thing in common. They all sell something – either products or services ; no business can exist without selling which must happen frequently if the business is to remain alive.

Internet Marketing Is Simply The Selling Of Products Or Services , Which May Be Physical Or Digital, Using The Internet As The Selling Platform.

Smart people all over the world now make huge amount of money on a daily basis through internet marketing. Internet marketing consists of subdivisions such as Affiliate Marketing and Information Products Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate Marketing is simply selling other people’s product online and receiving commissions for doing so. In some cases, you can earn commissions as high as 50%. You see how easy that is? You don’t have to have your own products before you start making money online and that is why

Internet Marketing Is The Easiest Way To Start Making Money Online Because You Can Start Making Money The Same Week You Start.

What is Information Products Marketing ?

Information products marketing is a form of internet marketing whereby you make money online by selling information. Yes, information. So many people need solution to their problems and would be glad to pay any amount to have relevant information that will solve their problem. You can provide solution and make money through information marketing by packaging useful information in any aspect of human life that you are most informed or experienced (such as marriage, health, etc) in form of an e-book or video. With a National population of about 200 million people, you can imagine how much money you can make in Nigeria on a daily basis if you provide the information that people are looking for. For example,

If You Sell An E-book Worth 1,000 Naira Each To 50 People In A Day, That Means You Will Earn 1,000 x 50 Which Equals 50,000 Naira In Just A Day And 1.5 Million Naira In A Month.

Please tell me, what job can you do in Nigeria that will pay you that amount in  a month. None, not even MTN or Chevron will pay you 1.5 million naira in a month.

However, you do not have to worry if you can not write or compose books. There are products that you can buy at cheaper rates and resell at much more higher prices. It is called Resale Rights. You also do not need to be afraid if you do not know how to sell; you will also learn how to sell your products very very easily.

A true internet marketer is one who sells digital products or services.


What are Digital Products ?

A digital product is a product that can not be held or touched physically. it is a product that is downloaded using internet connection. Examples are video clips, audio messages, e-books, etc.

You Should Kick-Start Your Internet Marketing Business By Selling Digital Products Because :

  • You don’t have to rent an office or shop to run your business; you can work from the comfort of your home
  • You don’t need huge capital and asset to start; all you need is a computer, tablet or mobile phone that is connected to the internet
  • You don’t need to hire any staff to start, you can create and send your products to your customers by yourself through e-mail
  • You don’t have to pay any shipping costs or buy any raw material to create your products; you create your products with computer softwares.


About My FREE Offer

Because I really want you to start making money through internet marketing business right away, I have made this offer a complete one for you. I will be giving you some FREE E-books that will guide you to guaranteed success from scratch on internet marketing business and you will also have access to FREE Online coaching.

However, to get access to all these, you need to pay for your business growth tools which I will be sending to you alongside the freebies.

Once You Pay For Your Business Growth Tools, Which Are Your Money Making Implements, You Will Get Your FREE E-books And A Link To Join The FREE Online Coaching Class Alongside In Less Than 24 Hours.

Depending On Your Pocket And Overall Ambition, You Will Be Able To Choose From Any Of The Two Packages Below:


Package 1 : Internet Marketing Beginners’ Guide (IMBG)

I prepared this package only for those who do not have much to spend now and wants to kick-start their internet marketing business. There is only one tool in this package – 20 Free Softwares To Help You Kick Start Your Internet Marketing Business. Upon payment for this tool, I will send you a FREE E-book alongside – Internet Marketing A to Z and a link to join the FREE Online Coaching Class within 24 hours.



Business Growth Tools Are Your Money Making Implements; You Can Not Create And Sell Your Products Without Them. Without Them, A Business Can NEVER Be Profitable.


What You Will Get In This Package:

  • Internet Marketing Trends
  • The various types of products you can create
  • How to create your information products
  • How to get customers and sell your information products
  • How to retain your customers


How Much Is The IMBG Package Tool ?

I am only giving it out to you for just N 3,000. Of course this 3 in 1 package is worth more than this amount and that is the more reason why you should claim this FREE offer as soon as possible.

Please note this…..

I Will Only Give You The Freebies And Sell This Package Tool To You For N 3,000 If You Place Your Order TODAY Or Within The Next 7 Days.


Package 2 : Internet Marketing Complete Success Template (IMCST)

This Package Is A Collection Of Various High Quality E-books On Internet Marketing.

IMCST Contains Everything You Need To Succeed Very Fast In Internet Marketing Business.

It definitely contains more information than the former. Unlike IMBG that contains more about information products marketing, the Internet Marketing Complete Success Template contains every needed information about both affiliate marketing and information products marketing.   
There are two tools in this package20 Free Softwares To Help You Kick Start Your Internet Marketing Business and All The Marketing Tools You Need. Upon payment for these tools, I will send you A Collection Of FREE E-books alongside including Internet Marketing A to Z and a link to join the FREE Online Coaching Class within 24 hours.

If You Have Some More Money To Spend, This Package Is The Best For You As Far As Internet Marketing Is Concerned.



Business Growth Tools Are Your Money Making Implements; You Can Not Create And Sell Your Products Without Them. Without Them, A Business Can NEVER Be Profitable.











In This Package, You Will Learn How To :

  • Make Money from Information Marketing
  • Make Money from Affiliate Marketing
  • Become a Freelance Writer
  • Become a Web publisher
  • Start Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Newsletter Publishing & Search engine optimization
  • Drive Traffic To Your Website And How To Advertise Your Online/Offline Products And Services For Free
  • Design A Facebook Fanpage
  • Open, Verify, Operate And Fund A Fully Functional Paypal Account Right Here In Nigeria.
  • Open Various Online Accounts That You Will Use To Receive Your Online Payments
  • Ready Made Website templates To Kick start your information marketing Business Right Away


How Much Is The IMCST Tool ?

Because I really want you to get started as soon as possible, I will be selling this for just N 5,000. Too cheap? Yea, I know too. I sell the whole package at a much more higher price normally. If you want to get this package after this offer ends, you will not only have to pay for the tools but also for the high quality E-books and the online coaching.

Please note this…..

I Will Only Give You The Freebies And Sell This Package Tool To You For N 5,000 If You Place Your Order TODAY Or Within The Next 7 Days.


The Two Packages Compared

Free E-Books 1 5
Business Growth Tools 1 2
Free Online Coaching
Business Models Captured 1 2


How To Order For Any Of The Packages i.e IMBG or IMCST

Transfer through online banking, ATM or cash deposit the sum of N 3,000 (for IMBG) or N 5,000 (for IMCST) only into the account details below nationwide :



Account Name : Idowu Moses Oluwasina

Account Number : 0049693853





Account Name : Idowu Moses Oluwasina

Account Name : 2177776661



After you have made your payment, send a payment notification message via e-mail to or with The Subject IMBG PAYMENT or IMCST PAYMENT depending on the product you are purchasing.

If You Do Not Have An E-mail Address, Quickly Create One Here. It’s Completely Free To Open.

Include The Following In Your Message :

  • The Bank name that you paid into
  • The teller number / deposit slip number / Transaction ID
  • Amount paid
  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your e-mail address
  • Depositor’s name
  • Your Location i.e Uyo, Lagos, Kano, etc.
  • Source of Information i.e Google, Facebook, Through a friend e.t.c.
  • Package Code i.e IMBG or IMCST
  • Date Of Payment


Means of Delivery

Once Your Payment Has Been Confirmed, Your Tools And Free Bonuses Would Be Sent To Your E-mail Address Within 24hrs And You Will Be Able To Download Them Right Away.

Do not forget to check the spam/junk folder of your e-mail if you can’t find your packages in your inbox after 24hrs.


Closing Thoughts

POOR means Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly.

This offer is to really help you achieve financial freedom, create wealth and take your business to the next level.

Your entire life is about to change positively forever. Also remember that the fundamental key to success in any business is to start early.

The Earlier You Start, The Earlier You Will Succeed.

If you don’t take the right step after reading this report by making your purchase, then you are not building any platform or foundation for success because it is only when you start something in the first place that you have any chance at all of growing it and succeeding in it.

The Choice Is Yours To Either Change Your Financial Situation For Good And Begin To Live That Kind Of Life You Have Always Dreamt Of OR Remain Poor And Frustrated Being Unable To Meet Basic Needs And Financial Obligations.

Hurry Now And Place Your Order Before This FREE Offer Expires!


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